Konkatedra Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Marii Panny

605 anniversary of the tragic death of mayors of Gdańsk.

Palm Sunday at the Basilica of St. Mary's Church for mass. in the Chair. 12.00 occasions and prayed for Poland mayors Conrad Leczkowa and Arnold Hecht in 605 the tragic death anniversary.

At the initiative of city guides in Gdańsk branch of PTTK. Monsignor Ireneusz Bradtke held mass. for murdered by the Teutonic Knights in the Palm Sunday 1411roku mayors of Gdańsk.

"The murder of two mayors of Gdańsk: Conrad Leczkowa and Arnold Hecht is related to the war between the Teutonic Knights and Poland and Lithuania in the years 1410-11. Shortly after the battle of Grunwald to outstanding authorities so far under the rule of the Teutonic Knights in Gdańsk decided to give up under the care of the Polish King.

In August the year 1410 inhabitants of Gdańsk have homage and oath of fidelity to the Polish King.

The authorities of Gdańsk obstawały by Polish principalities at the beginning of the year 1411 even when-as a result of the conclusion of the peace of thorn-the city was back under the power of the Teutonic Knights. If you want to enforce obedience to the gdańszczan Knights of the city imposed a huge tax: to enforce it, the entrance to the port of Gdansk has blocked komtur of Gdansk.

April 6, Konrad Leczkow and Arnold Hecht went to the castle of the Teutonic Knights in Gdansk, Poland, to negotiate with the Teutonic Knights the terms of a possible agreement. The mayors were arrested at the Castle, and soon murdered. Their bodies were buried in the Basilica of St. Mary's. Historical sources say that the funeral was held in complete silence, without bells. It was supposed to be a sign of fear that enveloped the city.

43 years after the murder of mayors in 1454 year, as a result of the rebellion raised by the Teutonic Knights against the Prussian Union of imposing on his new city taxes and other inconveniences, he again came under Polish rule. Gdańszczanie eventually the local Castle, the castle of Marienburg ".

(AKS PAP-science in Poland)

After the mass. has a bunch of flowers and lamps were lit candles on the gravestone of mayors of Gdańsk.